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Annual Health and Medical Record (Valid for 12 calendar months) Medical Information The Boy Scouts of America recommends that all youth and adult members have annual medical evaluations by a certified
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for to you thank you so for those beings who might not doing my name is drop of every scout master with kyra 33 and this coming summer I'll be the kinetic at campus for to be my fourth year of medical staff second at the can medic and one of the biggest issues that we see is during math which I can of BSA medical forms of not being so that properly or there is there one minor variations that that you know can be fixed pretty easily so why are these forms so important well number one you as adult leaders are responsible for the safety of your scalp on campouts at summer camp Tom etc these forms make you aware of health issues that are in your truth if you're Scott has a nut allergy you need to know about it your debt as a problem with asthma you need to know about it because you're responsible for that Scout safety these medical these are just as much of a legal document as there are a health documents so they really need to be filled out really really well the second thing is is it put all this medical information all this basic personal information into one document that we pass off the EMF to hospital to another system other vessel writer first responders etc to help out put on a dedication during that emergency so from oh sorry yeah yeah yeah let's go up push now yes so from the medical staff from a summer camp point of view that's just how they're going to be used when you guys come to camp off your scallops on your and you and here's all the leaders and your parents they're all going to come up in front of headquarters and you're going to go in and do all that admin stuff that doesn't apply to me go pay our fees and check in and get your face spritz wristbands and things like that as soon as you're done with that though you're going to take everybody including your Scouts all of your pants and all of your other adult leaders and you're going to come down to the peacock now the peacock shelter we're going to do medical check in those to you who have come to summer camp in past couple years you know I'm very harping very good at harping out and hydration and we get a little safety spill some things to expect a camp Jews don't and then also during that time we're going to be reviewing your medical form making sure that you have a parentguardian center making sure we have a Marcy contact information if you have a nut allergy listed you know what kind of reaction do you have to it you have to have an or if you just kind of like it brush it off and it gets better after like 30 minutes check in for a little things in it as all the time for us ask you questions to make sure that we understand that we ever have to encounter that medical problem you know we know we're going to answer so once it goes through all of that I might make a couple notes at the top so if you have a nut allergy you know we pull that form and say whom this kids a nut allergy I'm like I need to make a...
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